Through this section and the third macro-pillar of our Sustainability Plan we demonstrate our commitment to the communities in which we operate. By prioritising local hiring, training, procurement and investment, we not only stimulate economic growth but also cultivate trust and collaboration with our stakeholders.

Our commitment to ethical business


Saipem is dedicated to maintaining a governance system aligned with international best practices for sustainable development. Sustainability, to Saipem, involves a profound sense of responsibility towards stakeholders, fostering fair relationships crucial for project success.

Our sustainability model is integrated into all business processes, prioritizing excellence and long-term goals. This model focuses on risk management and upholding corporate values, committing to principles like loyalty, fairness, transparency, efficiency, and market openness.


Responsible supply chain

Reinforcing ethics and creating value in every link of the chain.


In 2023, our supply chain experienced significant changes, partly due to regulatory changes including the extension of the EU Emission Trading System (ETS) to the maritime sector, the introduction of the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD), and the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).

These shifts led our clients and suppliers to launch sustainability programs that shared a common theme: a strong call for collaboration and strategic alignment in sustainability efforts, aiming to enhance transparency throughout all levels of the supply chain.

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Local impact

Empowering the future through community development.


In our interconnected world, local actions can have global impacts. With over 65 years of experience, we've learned that initiatives like job creation or reducing our environmental footprint resonate far beyond their immediate locales.

As a leading player in the energy market, operating across more than 50 countries, focusing on grassroots levels is essential for cultivating prosperous communities and ensuring our company’s long-term success. Our decentralised structure empowers us to address local needs effectively while tackling global sustainability challenges, demonstrating our commitment to both local and global progress.

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A reliable partner for local value creation


In the midst of Guyana’s extraordinary economic surge, Saipem has been a catalyst for progress and empowerment. Over the last six years, we have fuelled Guyana’s growth through pioneering extraction projects. From the groundbreaking Liza Phase 1 in 2017, to the Payara, Yellowtail, Uaru and Whiptail oil field deepwater SURF projects in 2023, our commitment has intensified with each endeavour.

Our vessels – FDS 2 and Saipem Constellation – are navigating this unprecedented wave of growth, enabling us to act as the sole contractor for deep water SURF projects. In 2021, Saipem inaugurated the Guyana Offshore Construction Facility, in Georgetown. This facility, equipped with the country’s biggest crane (400 tonnes lifting capacity), in addition to health & safety awards recognising our commitment in guaranteeing a safe workplace, stands as a testament of our long-term strategy and dedication to creating value for Guyana.

Since its inception, this yard has become the centre stage in the realm of our educational efforts, featuring robust training activities not only for Saipem employees, but also for subcontractor personnel. In addition, in 2023, we carried out a series of internship initiatives with students from local institutions such as the Guyana Technical Institute (5 students), Government Technical Institute (2 students), and University of Guyana (2 students).
These programmes help maximise the country’s potential by engaging the local workforce, fostering know-how creation, ensuring training, and developing Guyanese skilled personnel. Fresh educational and work opportunities serve as bridges to a brighter future for Guyanese youth, nurturing talent for Saipem’s construction yard in Georgetown while fulfilling local content obligations.
As we venture into 2024, our story in Guyana continues driven by a renewed commitment to enhance opportunities for local value creation and prosperity.

"Offrire l'opportunità di partecipare a un programma di formazione così importante, su temi così attuali, ci ha permesso di consolidare il costante processo di upskilling dei nostri dipendenti, aiutandoli a comprendere più a fondo le esigenze di un mondo in rapida e continua evoluzione."

Massimiliano Branchi - Chief People, HSEQ and Sustainability Officer

Innovation and digitalisation for sustainability

Advancing the energy transition with technological innovation.


Saipem has always focused on technological innovation and is currently dedicated to leading the way in the energy transition through increasingly digitalised tools, technologies and processes. These efforts have focused on environmental sustainability from the outset, whilst simultaneously strengthening the company’s competitive position in the Oil&Gas industry.

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Value Creation in depth

Business Ethics

Responsible Supply Chain 

Local Impact

Innovation and cybersecurity

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