Si Viaggiare

Health manual for business traveler

The SAIPEM SI VIAGGIARE application is the updated interactive version of the approved Saipem manual edited by the Company Medical Team. It supplies indications and measures essential for preparing a trip abroad and assesses the specificities of the itinerary and destination to prevent and mitigate risks specific to the health of the travelling worker. The application facilitates planning before preventive health measures (vaccinations, chemoprophylaxis, certificates etc.) and allows travelers to log their frequency and expiry dates.

It also means that travelers have critical information ready to hand for trips to countries where every extra piece of information could make the journey safer by preventing exposure to health risks.


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Useful advice for travellers

The SAIPEM SI VIAGGIARE application includes an exhaustive guide to Travel risks, with a focus on the assessment of the risk, Climate risks and Infectious risks divided according to pathogen, as well as vital information regarding vaccinations and chemoprophylaxis with a practical alert system to remind travelers to get their injections or boosters.

Country data

The SAIPEM SI VIAGGIARE application includes practical country fact sheets with information of a general character for the destination, such as language and religion, health (i.e., risks of infection, mandatory and recommended vaccinations, the most frequent illnesses) and advice on the correct behavior to adopt.


With the SAIPEM SI VIAGGIARE application travelers can create alerts for the preventive measures prescribed before, during and after the trip. The user can insert the name of the preventive measure and define when and how to take the prescribed medicine based on the instructions given by the doctor (i.e., every day after meals and on an empty stomach).


The "Around me", "My diary" and "Quiz" functions included in the SAIPEM SI VIAGGIARE application are designed to facilitate travel management even further. Indeed, thanks to the "Around Me" function it will be possible to find some essential information such as the addresses of clinics or police stations in the country being visited. "My diary" allows travellers to keep a note of the most interesting places visited, such as restaurants, so that they can return to them on other occasions and share them with other users. Last but not least, the "Quiz" is an interactive game that tests personal knowledge of the issues addressed in the application.