At Saipem, we are proud to be a global leader in CCUS, providing comprehensive solutions across the entire CO2 value chain. With over 60 years of world-class EPC delivery and a commitment to sustainable solutions, we are here to support our clients in driving the energy transition and making a lasting impact on our planet.

Expertise that sets us apart


Our expertise in CCUS is unmatched, backed by decades of experience and a track record of successful projects worldwide. From carbon capture to utilization and storage, we have the knowledge and capabilities to design and implement complex ventures that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote a more sustainable future.

With a legacy of excellence in engineering, procurement, and construction, Saipem can be found at the forefront of major energy projects

Wells drilled
Floatings units
CO₂ Removal plants
>130.00 KM
of pipelines installed
PLANTS trasforming CO₂ into Urea with Snamprogettiᵀᴹ Tecnology

End-to-end CO2 management building on 60+ years of EPC expertise on top of relevant O&G expertise


Driving innovation with cutting-edge technologies for a sustainable future

As a key player in the CCUS industry, we are dedicated to enable our customers to achieving their low-carbon future.

Saipem is a true technology-driven company, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in CCUS. Our cutting-edge solutions, backed by extensive R&D, ensure that we offer the most advanced and efficient technologies for carbon capture, transport, storage, and utilization.

We understand the challenges our clients face, and we provide the expertise, solutions, and support needed to turn those challenges into opportunities.

Why choose Saipem for your CCUS projects?


From initial R&D to technology selection, project execution and beyond, Saipem is with you at every stage of your CCUS journey.

Comprehensive Solutions for Success
We offer a wide range of services covering every aspect of your project including concept studies, engineering, procurement and construction. Our experts bring extensive experience and technical know-how to ensure successful project execution
Tailored Solutions for Your Needs
We know that each project has its own set of challenges and requirements. From small-scale carbon capture projects to large-scale transport and storage projects, we deliver tailor-made solutions. Our client-centric approach ensures project success
Delivering excellence
We are committed to delivering projects on time and within budget. Our project management expertise, coupled with our global network of fabrication yards and worldwide presence, enables us to execute projects efficiently and effectively

Our low carbon solutions


Sustainable solutions to produce low emission energy carriers.

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An essential product to reduce carbon emissions.

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We give a second life to the refineries.

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Plastics Recycling

Innovation and proven petrochemical technologies for the advanced recycling of plastic waste.

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Low carbon fuels

Our strategy for the energy transition.

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