The oil and gas industry plays a crucial role in our world, particularly in refining raw materials extracted from the earth into essential fuels and other valuable products. Saipem, with more then 60-year legacy, has been one of the front-runners of this transformation. Our expertise extends to designing and constructing around 40 "grass root" refineries and numerous refinery units worldwide.

While refining technologies may have seen minimal changes over recent decades, Saipem remains committed to constant innovation. We are dedicated to making the refining process more effective, safer, quicker, and environmentally friendly. One of our remarkable innovations is the Eni Slurry Technology (EST), an in-house technology that revolutionizes the conversion of refinery waste. This includes heavy oils and bitumen, transforming them into high-quality, lighter products, significantly reducing waste in both liquid and solid phases, such as fuel oil or petroleum coke.

EST operates on the principle of hydro-conversion of heavy loads, utilizing a nano-dispersed catalyst to convert the challenging "bottom of the barrel" refinery residues into specific, useful products. This process not only creates new fuel sources but also contributes to substantial waste reduction.

Saipem's extensive track record in designing and constructing all refinery process units is enriched by the wealth of knowledge gained from Snamprogetti, acquired in 2009. We offer proprietary, high-octane component technologies and serve as intermediaries for various technologies in the market, drawing upon our well-established experience with major licensors. Our commitment to advancing refining processes remains unwavering as we continue to pioneer solutions that align with evolving industry needs.

This long journey took us to be part, as selected Contractor, of the conversion of a traditional refinery into the 1st Green Refinery in the world. – Venice Green Refinery

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