Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) technology enables methane gas to be cooled at 162 degrees below zero to a liquid state, which is 600 times smaller in volume during transportation than when it is in its original state.

The liquefaction process takes place in plants using advanced technology and the LNG is transported in ships with tanks that can guarantee its safety and stability in its liquid state.

The product is then regasified in specially constructed plants in the importer countries for transport via pipeline distribution networks to end users. Saipem has almost 50 years of experience in the construction of LNG plants and infrastructures worldwide and in finding, developing and providing innovative solutions for LNG transportation by sea.

When working on gas to liquid projects, we aim to offer our clients small or large-scale solutions for their requirements on land or out at sea, by converting obsolete structures or by starting from scratch. Our substantial experience in the complex sector of liquid natural gas (LNG) enables us to take on projects to produce liquefied ethane, propane, butane, isobutane or pentane, to be economical and efficient and comply with the most demanding standards. Our patented "Liqueflex™" process for a modularised liquefaction process makes these projects safer and more adaptable than ever before.

The liquefied natural gas we help to produce is used in many sectors throughout the world, both as an on-site source of energy for petrochemical plants, as well as for small-scale heating, cooking or lighting or mixed with fuel for cars. Today, Saipem is a technological leader in the sector of LNG and can also offer advanced and integrated solutions for the most challenging LNG projects.

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LNG Liquefaction, Regasification and Tankage

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