Our Onshore operations

We cover the entire globe.

Saipem operates in every continent, however hard and complicate is the territory, no matter how challenging the project or limited the time scale, whatever the technical requirements or environmental conditions.

At Saipem, we do everything required to ensure our clients success.

We work for major public and private organisations in the Oil and Gas, energy, chemical and infrastructure sectors. We promise to comply with the highest HSE standards in any situation. We collaborate with local stakeholders and focus especially on sustainability and development in the communities in which we operate.

We guarantee the quality of our work being “Made in Italy” with historic background of expertise and high engineering and technological standards. Our partners also comply with our quality requirements in accordance with our instructions and our organisation's value chains. We start to build-up our reputation as the ideal partner for all types of onshore projects from the very beginning.

Our yards' manufacturing, fabrication, welding and quality analysis are all fundamental in any pipe laying project, as is their procurement of materials useful for projects.

In addition to our traditional oil and gas projects, we also put our experience to good use in highly technological projects for the liquid natural gas market. We also contribute precious technological skills for projects focusing on the production of fertilisers, petrochemical products, refining and types of energy production.

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Our Onshore E&C solutions

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Regasification

The future of energy.

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We work both on land and at sea.

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Gas monetisation

A well-documented track record in technologies to enhance natural gas.

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Snamprogetti™ Urea

Our patented technology to produce fertilisers.

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Conventional Onshore

The right partner on land to guarantee a successful project.

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