Saipem focuses on encouraging external authorities to work closely with the ecosystem, to experiment new work procedures and review traditional processes according to the dictates of technological innovation.

Solid know-how, continual experiments

People strategy

Our People Strategy policies are based on an integrated model, which outlines a common path in the phase of attraction, recruiting and professional and managerial growth. It also takes into account the specific details of each business sector and geographic area.

We select people according to the values and conduct established in our model of competencies. We wish to attract the best resources, so they can identify with our principles and values and grow professionally and personally.

We create training and meeting opportunities for our people to help them learn and develop their professional, strategic skills for our business.

We ensure staff development by helping them not only to express their performance to the fullest and plan moments of reflection and analysis every step of the way, but also assess the results achieved and set themselves new, challenging objectives.

We design training courses for each pillar of our Behavioral Model to encourage our staff to develop their managerial skills.

We believe in enhancing and sharing corporate know-how.


Our password: innovate

Saipem is not only a strongly consolidated business with over 60 years of history that operates with project task forces and develops its internal know-how, but it also focuses on developing its internal know-how and encourages synergy with the ecosystem of external authorities.

Experimenting new work procedures and reviewing traditional processes in the light of technological innovation to contribute to transformation are two pillars that guide our operations.

Founded in the early 90s, it is proud of its exclusive skills in the field of underwater robotics and specifically in managing, monitoring and servicing underwater pipelines and cables, underwater well heads and underwater blowout preventers (BOP).


It is important to manage everything God gives us to the best of our ability, whether this involves money, time, charisma, gifts or spiritual talent. However, to cultivate our innate talent, we need first and foremost to identify certain areas of potential growth. Saipem focuses on continual improvement and tries to invest in developing the talent of our most gifted employees to prepare a veteran employee to pass over the baton to a rising star of the company.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

We value diversity and promote an inclusive culture in a business strongly oriented towards internationality.

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