Welcome to the page dedicated to providing in-depth technical information about Saipem's revolutionary enzymatic carbon capture technology, 'CO2 Solutionsᵀᴹ by Saipem.' This cutting-edge technology is designed to capture CO2 emissions from industrial processes, offering numerous advantages over traditional methods. Let's explore how the technology works, and the key benefits it delivers:

Enzymatic Carbon Capture Process key features and benefits:


Enhanced Efficiency

The enzymatic carbon capture technology achieves high selectivity and stability, ensuring effective CO2 emission reduction and meeting stringent regulatory requirements.


By utilizing low-grade residual heat for operation as low as 85°C, our technology is easier to integrate with any waste heat energy available, delivering cost savings while minimizing environmental impact.

Environmental Safety

With a non-toxic carbonate solvent and minimal formation of hazardous byproducts, the CO2 Solutionsᵀᴹ by Saipem technology prioritizes environmental safety and compliance.

Versatile Application

Our technology can be applied to a wide range of industrial processes, enabling effective CO2 capture and emissions reductions in various industries, such as power generation, cement production, and refining.

Reliable Performance

With extensive testing and successful deployment at TRL-8 in a pulp mill application, the CO2 Solutionsᵀᴹ by Saipem technology has demonstrated its reliability and effectiveness in real-world settings, and through Access Project is undergoing testing in different industrial sectors with a wide range of compositions.

By leveraging our enzymatic carbon capture technology, clients can effectively reduce their carbon footprint, comply with environmental regulations, and contribute to a more sustainable future. Contact us to learn more about how CO2 Solutionsᵀᴹ by Saipem can be customized and integrated into your industrial processes to achieve your emissions reduction goals.

This page provides a glimpse into the technical intricacies and benefits of our enzymatic carbon capture technology. For more in-depth understanding, we encourage you to connect with our experts and explore the possibilities of implementing CO2 Solutionsᵀᴹ by Saipem in your operations.

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