We are a global leader in engineering services for the design, construction and operation of complex infrastructures and plants in the energy sector, both offshore and onshore.

 The vision that inspires us is “Engineering for a sustainable future”. This is why we are engaged in the new low-carbon energy and industrial ecosystem. We are at the forefront of the transition to Net Zero alongside our clients, with increasingly digitalized tools, technologies, and processes, designed from the outset with environmental sustainability and safety in mind.

With our six business lines - Drilling, Asset Based Services, Energy Carriers, Offshore Wind, Sustainable Infrastructures, Robotics & Industrialized Solutions - we are One Company present in around 60 countries with over 30,000 employees of more than 130 nationalities, providing the world the innovative excellence of our people and our partners for over 65 years.

Our numbers

+ 130
Fabrication yards
+ 30.000
~ 60
Countries where we operate

Strategy and Objectives


With the 2024-2027 strategic plan, we look to the future, focusing on enhancing economic and financial objectives, as well as expanding offerings to support the energy transition.


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Mission and Values

We have pledged to work alongside our clients and transform their strategies and projects into safe, competitive, sustainable infrastructures, plants and processes. We will accompany them along their path towards energy and ecological transition and support their journey towards Net Zero.

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Our business

We offer a vast number of integrated solutions in the sector of energy and sustainable infrastructures, and act as technological partner in complex projects in traditional energy supplies and supplier of modular/scalable plants and solutions in the field of renewable energy.  

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We have always focused on technological innovation and are committed to working alongside our customers on the energy transition frontier with increasingly digitalised, well-developed resources, technologies and processes, designed specifically for their environmental sustainability.

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Our Managers

Every choice we make is important, as we need the commitment of a confident, responsible team in order to look ahead. 

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Our business ethic

Respect for our values, integrity and fairness: our daily commitment. 

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Our history

An adventure consisting of people and great projects. How we began and where we are today.

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