People centrality


We believe our people can do their best when they are empowered as individuals. For this reason, we consistently ensure that individual health and safety, combined with professional skills, the enhancement of diversity and promotion of an inclusive culture, are complementary aspects of the same priority, namely the people centrality.

Health, intended as physical and mental well-being, and operational safety are essential to building a robust and flourishing approach to work and to dealing with the complex challenges of a sustainable future. At Saipem, people are the core of all operations, and several areas are essential to enhancing both individual well-being and the collective capabilities of the company. Prioritising health and safety, personal development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental to our efforts in this area.


Health and Safety


The safety of all Saipem employees and operations is a fundamental priority and reflects a core value of our corporate culture. Through consistent investments, we maintain a safe working environment and strive for safety excellence.

Saipem maintains leadership in health and safety management through an integrated system and ongoing awareness campaigns. Our renewed Health and Safety Vision, established in 2022, underscores this commitment. We continuously monitor and guarantee the safety of our people through an integrated health, safety, and environment management system, aligned with international standards and legislation, reinforced by ISO 45001 certification across key business entities within the Group.

Our vision is clear. We must integrate safety in our day-to-day activities with the same importance as the business. There is no business without first taking care of safety. Being a safety leader, stepping up in safety matters, taking ownership of safety, the desire to learn how to do things the right way, the safer, the better. Today, tomorrow and everywhere.

Alessandro Puliti - Saipem’s Chief Executive Officer and General Manager


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Talent Development

training hours delivered to employees
of employees subject of performance evaluations

STEP-ping up to the challenge

The greatest investment we can make for our people is one that helps them achieve their full potential. From June to November 2023, we launched Saipem Training Enabling People - “STEP” Programme, thanks to the opportunities offered by the “Fondo Nuove Competenze”, established by ANPAL (National Agency for Active Labour Policies) and connected to the Recovery Fund. 

The programme recorded an exceptional number of full-time and apprenticeship employees – about 3,000 from Saipem’s population in Italy – who participated in the programme. In 150 training days, we acknowledged the incredible impact that learning, and development can have on our people, allowing them to feel increasingly conscious of their roles in the company and its community.
The simultaneous large-scale upskilling and reskilling plan sought to consolidate the competencies of people on cross-cutting issues consistent with the strategic objectives and business evolutions, such as green and technological innovation, decarbonisation, sustainable engineering and processes, digitalisation, and new ways of working.

This confirmed Saipem’s focus on improving competitiveness, enriching the company’s know-how and promoting the cultural change needed to address the ongoing transition. The high participation rate in the webinars – 85% – demonstrates the level of engagement achieved, while satisfaction surveys showed the participants’ appreciation for the teaching and content quality, and the effectiveness of the courses and the training experience.

The training sessions conducted explored various Digital and Sustainability & Energy Transition topics in-depth:
1) Digital: Digital & Cybersecurity, AI & Machine Learning, Big Data & Machine Learning, Agile mindset, Cloud & Edge Computing, Digital Design Thinking, IOT/ Digital twins, Lean Digital management and many more;
2) Sustainability & Energy Transition: the concept of sustainability, Sustainability: vision and strategy, Biodiversity Protection, Sustainability and value creation, Green & Social Washing, Sustainability Planning & Reporting, Energy Management, ESG Factors, Energy Transition & Climate Change commitment, Social and Environmental Impacts.


Professional and managerial skills, knowledge and capabilities are essential for long-term sustainable growth and are assets to be safeguarded, valued, and improved to guarantee operational excellence and project performance.

In today’s constantly changing business and energy landscapes, it’s important to stay on top of new skills while continuing to update existing ones. Our people are key to our company’s success and their dedication, proactiveness and professionalism are essential to achieving our goals.

Through training sessions, discussions, and the resources offered by Saipem Academy, along with our coaching initiatives, we create opportunities for continuous improvement. This enables our people to develop strategic professional skills essential for our business.

Additionally, our ongoing partnerships with educational institutions exemplify Saipem's commitment to acting as a bridge between academia and the professional world. By transferring unique skills and knowledge, we collaborate to build a sustainable future together.

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Diversity & Inclusion


Saipem values the unique qualities of its people and is dedicated to fostering their development through the principles of equality, solidarity, and respect for human rights.  We are committed to the continuous development of a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) strategy, by setting clear objectives, implementing initiatives, and establishing guidelines, we integrate these elements into our Strategic Sustainability Plan, positioning DE&I as a crucial driver of change and a strategic priority. We prove therefore our commitment to promoting and supporting an inclusive culture, and free from any form of discrimination and cultural, organisational, and material barriers.

In 2023, Saipem took significant steps to revise internal procedures to reflect the DE&I principles outlined in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy launched in November 2022. The Company introduced a specific guideline to promote gender equality in the hiring process and developed a training program aimed at understanding and eliminating bias during recruitment. Looking ahead, Saipem is committed to enhancing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills and roles, particularly aiming to increase its female workforce in Italy by recruiting more women with STEM degrees by 2025.

Working in the STEM field led me to a flexible mindset and to discover the beauty of the diversity of other places in the world, other cultures, other people. It led me to the very best part of me.

Carolina Sarchi - Project Manager Perro Negro 13 & STEM Role Model 


We have also obtained the ISO 30415:2021 Human Resources Management Diversity and Inclusion standard certification, as further testimony of our commitment to spread the values of diversity and inclusion, through the adoption of organisational and management solutions in terms of policies, processes, organisational practices, and conscious and unconscious behaviours of individual people.

As far as gender diversity is concerned, Saipem intends to undertake a dedicated certification process in line with UNI/PdR 125:2022, a practice that defines the guidelines for the gender equality management system, providing for the structuring and adoption of a set of performance indicators related to gender equality policies in organisations.

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Human and Labour Rights

Health and Safety

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