While Saipem is well-known for its commitment in the energy sector, not everyone knows that it also boasts major successes in other activities, such as the construction of High Speed/High Capacity railway lines in particular for the Milan-Bologna and Treviglio-Brescia lines and now the Brescia-Verona line.

Completion of the Brescia-Verona line will make it possible to reduce interference between the different transport flows so that traffic flows more smoothly and capacity is increased around the rail intersections of Milan, Brescia and Verona to benefit regular, punctual service for long distance and regional lines and for freight transportation.

The project was approved by the eco-toxicological study of the additives used to excavate the Lonato del Garda tunnel. The tunnel lies in the western part of the Morainic amphitheatre in Garda, where the soil is mainly coarse grained with very little fine material, such as silt and clay, and has a medium-high permeability level.

During excavation, the project will use specific additives (foaming agents and bentonite filler) to fulfil the requisites for environmental protection and will simultaneously optimise operations by adapting to the geotechnical and hydrogeological complexities of southern Garda.

The eco-toxicological analyses were entrusted to the Istituto Mario Negri which, in compliance with international legislation, indications and standards in force, analysed the products added to identify the level of toxicity and the environmental impact on the organisms living in the water, soil and interstitial environment in the area involved in the excavation and other areas.

The completed analysis confirmed that the excavated material can be reused in the same infrastructure or in another production cycle in accordance with the principles of the circular economy.

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