With rising global energy requirements and increasing environmental awareness, the frontiers of energy exploration have moved from dry land to the sea.

The frontiers have been increasingly challenging in recent years as they move from surface to seabed operations, where complex, subsea transport operations are used to move the fuel extracted in the refineries, so it can be put to use.

Our many years of experience in the sector of "underwater activities", with projects that have required us to radically rethink traditional structures, have led us to develop a revolutionary hydrocarbon production, treatment and transport technology on the seabed.

At Saipem, we are proud of our history as operators in the most difficult environments, and few environments are as difficult as working on the ocean bed.

However, this is what we do in response to our clients all the while respecting even the deepest, marine eco-systems. Sea platforms are disappearing and operations are moving to the bottom of the sea.

Deep Water Field Development

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Subsea Field Development Solutions

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Deep water pipelines

Subsea pipelines play an essential role as a “circulatory system” for an offshore, oil and gas extraction project to transport hydrocarbons.

Saipem uses its know-how, technologies, expertise and people to efficiently and precisely construct pipelines under the sea and to ensure that these “high-tech veins” respect the environment and operator safety.

This is so true that we have invented and created a technological tool for the major oil companies that will prevent the recurrence of environmental disasters due to hydrocarbon spills.

Our traditional S-Lay method for laying pipes from a horizontal position on the surface of the vessel and our cutting-edge J-Lay installation method, which enables pipelines to be laid vertically, are both worthy of mention, as they enable quicker, safer and more efficient pipeline networks to be developed.

After all, we have been global leaders in developing pipeline projects for six decades and our unique intuition has brought hydrocarbons to the surface. We have laid over 30,000 kilometres of subsea pipelines, even in the deepest and most difficult seas, and we will always overtake the winning position.

Offshore pipelines

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Our Offshore E&C solutions

Conventional projects

Our "islands" out at sea.

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Decommissioning offshore

How we reduce the environmental impact to the minimum.

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High tech floaters

A vast mix of engineering specialists and project delivery services for various floating solutions.

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