For many offshore projects, a fixed platform is the starting point, the basis for every subsequent step. A fixed platform is the springboard for many offshore projects and provides the basis for each subsequent step.

The construction of fixed platforms is one of Saipem's distinctive activities.We built our first offshore installation in 1957, the same year the company was founded. Since then, we have constructed almost 100 major offshore projects in over 60 countries, totalling almost 3 million tons of installed facilities, often in some of the most challenging situations in the world.

The oldest of these “islands out at sea” that we built continue to operate with exceptional efficiency to the experts' astonishment.

The innovation embedded in Saipem’s DNA drives us to continually strive to improve our offshore platform design and construction process, by using more sustainable methods and larger, more functional construction materials with a low environmental impact.

Fixed Offshore Production Facilities

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Our Offshore E&C solutions

Surf and subsea development

As Jules Verne revealed in "Twenty thousand leagues under the sea", the sea bed explodes with life.

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Decommissioning offshore

How we reduce the environmental impact to the minimum.

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High tech floaters

A vast mix of engineering specialists and project delivery services for various floating solutions.

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