Throughout its history, Saipem has constantly strived to update its expertise through workforce training, a continuous programme of R&D and new asset development and investment. Never has this been more focused than now, in order to accelerate and facilitate our continued expansion into the ever-growing field of Renewable Energy.

Strengthened by governments’ commitment to Net Zero, the major international players are increasingly committed to sustainability and to reducing their environmental impact, with Renewable Energy sources playing a key role in decarbonisation.  Energy demand is predicted to increase annually through 2040.

As far as the production of Renewable Energy is concerned, Saipem is currently focusing on technologies close to our core business: offshore wind, solar panels, including floating solar, integrated biorefineries, and waste-to-energy projects.

Offshore Renewable Energy sources are especially important to us, specifically Offshore Wind farms and floating solar installations. Building on our long track record of offshore Engineering and Construction experience, Saipem is continually developing our Offshore Wind capabilities and offering, including the traditional structural elements such as Wind Turbine Generator foundations and high-voltage offshore substations.

Our objective is to strengthen our entry into the markets of already existing renewables (e.g.  photovoltaic, offshore wind, advanced biofuels and solar energy) and to access emerging renewable technologies (e.g. waves, tides, the conversion of ocean thermal energy, floating photovoltaic installations, energy storage and energy efficiency, hydrogen and hybridisation aimed at integrating renewable energy).

This is why we are bringing our extensive experience in the offshore design and construction environment and working to develop new, innovative projects by collaborating with operators in various parts of the world. We ensure that decades of lessons learned from the traditional offshore energy projects are integrated into the renewables sector. Focusing on offshore wind energy and marine and solar technologies.

At the forefront of solutions and services in the growing sectors of renewable energy and green technologies, we are enthusiastically helping the energy transition move towards renewable, low carbon emissions sources.

Our 60 years of experience, expertise and synergies enable us to provide EPC engineering and development projects for Offshore Wind Energy, Solar Energy, and Marine Energy. With regards to marine energy, we have, for some time, devoted ourselves to the study of the sea and its waves.

Our proven, innovative engineering skills and our continual research into clean energy sources enable us to offer effective solutions that match our clients' needs.

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