We have always focused on technological innovation and are committed to working alongside our clients on their path to energy transition with increasingly digitalised, well-developed resources, technologies and processes, specifically designed for environmental sustainability. 

Innovation is essential for our success: it enables us to constantly improve our competitive position in the O&G business and to cross the new frontiers of energy and industrial decarbonisation.

57 mln €
Global investments (2022) in innovation
Saipem people dedicated to R&D in 2022
Technology Innovation centres
7 Countries
Italy, France, UK, Romania, Brazil, Norway, Canada

We are engineers for a sustainable future, thus innovation plays a key role: it enables us to seize new opportunities, develop new technologies, and reduce the environmental impact of our services.

Registrered patents as at 31 december 2022
New patent applications submitted in 2022
+31 mln €
R&D investments in 2022