One Saipem, one contractor

Just one reference point dealing directly with all our customers looking for prompt performance and excellent, sustainable project delivery.

We use our avant-garde, deep and shallow water, offshore drilling and installation fleets to support upstream developments during the preliminary assessments, exploration and production release of conventional and unconventional reserves.

We add value to our resources, thanks to our specific know-how and intrinsic skills in complex, midstream and downstream infrastructures, e.g. gas treatment plants, compressor stations, LNG and degasification infrastructures, fertilisers, onshore and offshore gas pipes. 

We are a unique, global, industrial unit along the value chain of the various energy sources and a major player in decarbonisation.

We give a major boost to the reduction of emissions along that chain by providing our customers with innovative project design, engineering and technological solutions. 

We strive to be the key in their companies' energy transition, their bridge towards a sustainable future. 

With the 2024-2027 strategic plan, we look to the future, focusing on enhancing economic and financial objectives, as well as expanding offerings to support the energy transition.

We are able to do this thanks to:

  • Our acknowledged engineering skills

  • Our technological innovation capacity

  • Our strong commitment to problem solving

  • Our consolidated experience in project management

  • Our focus on safety in the workplace

  • Our development of local communities