About Saipem's innovative and sustainable Bluenzymeᵀᴹ modular products for capture of CO2 


These modular units are designed to capture CO2 , with our proprietary technology CO2 Solutions by Saipem™ offering efficient and cost-effective solutions for carbon capture. Our first modular and truck transportable solution is designed for a nominal capacity of 200 metric tonnes per day.

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Saipem's Bluenzymeᵀᴹ modular products offer a practical and advantageous solution for capturing industrial CO2 emissions. These modular units can be seamlessly integrated into existing facilities, allowing for efficient and cost-effective carbon capture.

Let’s take a look at how the Bluenzymeᵀᴹ modular products work, and explore their key benefits:

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The modular construction approach reduces construction time, resulting in cost savings for our clients. Additionally, the flexibility of the design allows for efficient integration with existing facilities, minimizing the need for extensive modifications or retrofitting.

Enhanced Quality Control

Building modules in a controlled environment ensures improved quality control, as standardized processes and rigorous inspections to be implemented, resulting in reliable and high-quality products.

Energy Efficiency

Bluenzymeᵀᴹ modular products are designed to operate with high energy efficiency, optimizing power consumption and minimizing operational costs. These units can be coupled with low-grade residual heat sources, further enhancing their energy efficiency.

Minimal Disruption

Deploying Bluenzymeᵀᴹ modular products, in brownfield environment, minimizes downtime and disruption to ongoing operations. The off-site construction and rapid installation ensure a streamlined process, allowing our clients to resume their activities quickly.

Flexibility and Adaptability

While standardized, the modular design of our products allows for flexibility in capturing CO2 from various industrial processes. The Bluenzymeᵀᴹ modular products can as well be tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is a priority in the design and operation of our modular units. The controlled off-site construction environment ensures strict adherence to safety standards, while the standardized processes minimize the risk of accidents during installation and operation.

By leveraging our Bluenzymeᵀᴹ modular products, clients can achieve efficient and cost-effective carbon capture solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Contact us to learn more about how Bluenzymeᵀᴹ modular products can be integrated into your industrial processes and contribute to your carbon reduction goals.


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