The floating structures are designed to give our clients the same safety at sea as land-based projects.

Floaters are a noteworthy example of Saipem's innovative approach to providing a single solution to facilitate production, storage and trans-shipment of oil and gas.

We make new solutions available to our clients for the oil and gas industry by offering a full service that includes an entire range of services for floating structures, including engineering, procurement, fabrication and integration services out at sea, offshore connections and start-up, operational and maintenance programmes.

We can do this by relying on two powerful resources: our wide range of engineering resources and the construction expertise of our yards.


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Our onshore E&C solutions

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and regasification

The future of energy.

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Gas monetisation

Proven experience in technologies to take full advantage of natural gas.

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Snamprogetti™ Urea

Our patented technology to produce fertilisers.

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Conventional onshore 

The right partner on land to guarantee a successful project with innovative, original solution.

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