Low carbon ammonia makes the production of fertilisers and therefore the food chain more sustainable.

Ammonia also offers a CO2-free combustion but can be stored and shipped much more easily than hydrogen, thanks to milder liquefaction conditions and an already existing transport and storage infrastructure.

This makes ammonia an interesting fuel as a clean energy carrier of the future, both as a means of transporting hydrogen and as a direct fuel.

Among the different ways to produce low carbon ammonia, the so-called blue ammonia offers immediate benefits as it builds on the process schemes already adopted by the current industry and minimises costs especially in areas where CO2 can be safely stored.

The use of water electrolysis technology makes it possible to provide green or hybrid solutions. Saipem provides its contribution by adopting innovative green, hybrid and blue solutions by leveraging the skills gained by implementing proven solutions in ammonia plants designed and built over more than 60 years as an EPC Contractor.

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