For decades, Saipem has been a global leader in the design and construction of offshore plants of all sizes, including the largest in the world, e.g. fixed and mobile platforms, sea-bed hydrocarbon extraction control systems and subsea transport pipelines.

We have been able to develop in the sector as a result of our acquisition strategies of other excellent companies in the offshore field, e.g. Bouygues Offshore. This is why the headquarters of our competent line of business is located in Saint Quentin en Yvelines, France. Our continual technological innovation also enables us to develop fields on the seabed (3000 metres deep and more) with our own subsea robotics developed mainly at our Marghera R&D centre.

By working alongside our clients, we are an essential partner at every stage of development of their projects: from process and structural engineering to logistics planning, from procurement to plant construction, from maintenance, modification and operations (better known as MMO) to decommissioning.

And we are always working to expand our extraordinary expertise and presence throughout the world.

Saipem also provides consultancy and engineering services to support the development of offshore fields with a special focus on the initial design stages. By integrating its extensive know-how of fixed, floating and subsea offshore structures with its proven experience in implementing projects, SAIPEM's objective is to maximise the economic return of offshore field development and maintain the highest levels of safety, reliability, sustainability and performance.

Saipem's continual commitment to the procurement chain and knowledge of the latest technologies available for EPC contractors enables it to guarantee the best solutions to sustainably extend the life of its assets.

Our Offshore E&C solutions

Surf and subsea development

As Jules Verne revealed in "Twenty thousand leagues under the sea", the seabed explodes with life.

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Conventional projects

Our "islands" out at sea.

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Decommissioning Offshore

How we reduce the environmental impact to the minimum.

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High tech floaters

A vast mix of engineering specialists and project delivery services for various floating solutions.

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Fabrication Yard

Saipem's Fabrication Yards are located in key areas for the industry.

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