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We strongly condemn any form of discrimination, corruption, forced labour or child labour. Saipem SpA is one of the first Italian companies to obtain the international certification according to the standard ISO 37001:2016 “Antibribery Management Systems”.

The certification, awarded by an independent third party, defines requirements and provides a guideline to support organisations prevent, detect and address corruption, to comply with the anti-bribery legislation and any other voluntary commitments applicable to their own activities.

Code of Ethics

Saipem's Code of Ethics is an integral and substantive part of our organisational model: it defines Saipem's fundamental values, as well as the responsibilities that the company has undertaken in respect of its internal and external stakeholders. Everyone at Saipem must respect the principles and contents of the Code of Ethics, extending its scope to all third parties involved in business relations with the Company.

Furthermore, Saipem has put in place a robust and effective system to deter, detect, investigate and report any illegal behaviour in the company, facilitated by a whistleblowing system. Whistleblowers are safeguarded against any form of retaliation or discrimination and are not subjected to any penalties, whether directly or indirectly related to the report, without prejudice to legal obligations and the protection of the rights of the Company or the people accused of intentional misconduct or gross negligence.


Anti-Corruption Compliance

Saipem has always conducted its business with loyalty and integrity, in full compliance with laws and regulations. Recognising corruption as an intolerable obstacle to efficient business and fair competition, Saipem has developed an “Anti-Corruption Compliance Programme”, comprising a thorough set of rules and controls aimed at preventing corruption. Recognising that the first step to developing an effective strategy to fight corruption is gaining a deep understanding of tools for preventing corrupt behaviours, Saipem places a strong emphasis on the commitment and constant attention of its personnel.

Employees are expected to grasp and implement the control mechanisms outlined in Saipem’s internal anti-corruption regulations as an integral part of their daily business activities. To achieve this, our workforce is dedicated to participating in mandatory training sessions to gain the necessary knowledge of anti-corruption laws, ethics, compliance provisions, and internal anti-corruption regulations.

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