Our mission

We have pledged to work alongside our clients and transform their strategies and projects into safe, competitive, sustainable infrastructures, plants and processes. We will accompany them along their path towards energy and ecological transition and support their journey towards Net Zero.


Our purpose

Always oriented towards technological innovation, the vision that inspires us is “Engineering for a sustainable future”.

Engineering is Saipem's DNA and shapes its business, activities and industrial solutions. Everything that we do is based on a clear vision of tomorrow.

We empower change by ensuring that our clients’ needs are always met. We design and engineer new solutions to guarantee sustainable and safe access to energy and mobility, thus contributing to the creation of a greener world . With our work, we are building a bridge to the future, generating value over time.
For everyone.

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Our values

We value creative talent. We look after people and the environment and are committed to building relationships of trust. We encourage an appreciation of diversity and we promote inclusivity. 

We appreciate creative talent

Creative talent is the key driving force that will speed up and guide change. 

We guarantee accountability

We are consistent, transparent and responsible in our commitments. Relationships built on trust are our most precious asset.

We take care of our people and the planet

We operate in difficult and at times extreme situations, but we always focus on the health and safety of our people and the preservation of the natural ecosystem.

We support different cultural identities and encourage inclusivity

We support diversity and inclusivity, as only an equal, heterogeneous environment can facilitate the development of new solutions.