A job at Saipem means belonging to a world leader in the Energy sector, working on extraordinary projects in complex environments and sharing our values: each project takes shape as a result of each person’s talent and different culture, and takes the safety of people and the environment to heart.

At Saipem, we base our work on competency, experience and passion: discover our people and join our team.

Our beliefs

Saipem's values and philosophy are based on technical preparation, professionalism and skills.  

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Why choose Saipem

We offer our future people an extremely rich, diverse panorama of professionalism. We have established levels of competency and know-how to develop technical and managerial skills for all our career opportunities.

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Life at Saipem

Our work inspires us to express in words what we gain from our everyday experience. By talking about the precious lessons learnt from each new adventure.

Saipem in the world

Saipem operates in about 60 countries and employs over 30,000 employees of more than 130 different nationalities. Its decentralised structure covers almost every energy market in the world and responds to local requirements and the challenges of sustainability.

We play an active role in local communities by contributing to their social, economic and environmental life in every area, which includes offering employment and creating long-term value.

Saipem has always been actively committed to developing relations with local stakeholders in communities not only where it has been historically active, but also in areas it has entered recently.

Key facts and figures

~ 60
+ 30.000
Years of history
~ 130

Join us

When people ask us "what do you do?", our friends and family know for certain our work is unique. Find out how to join our team. 

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