Saipem's innovative processes and project execution; we are driving the transformation of CO2 into sustainable products and contributing to a circular economy.

The potential of CO2

At Saipem, we harness the potential of CO2 by developing and building plants that utilize it as a feedstock. Our track record in carbon utilization includes successful projects in urea production and other transformation processes. We have licensed and built numerous urea plants, such as the Qafco V plant in Qatar, which showcase our capabilities in large-scale urea production. With a focus on technical excellence and efficiency, we deliver complex and innovative projects in the field of carbon utilization.



Creating value from CO2

Through our expertise and partnerships with industry leaders, we help turn CO2 into valuable products. Our solutions enable the sustainable production of fuels, effectively utilizing CO2 as a feedstock. By tapping into this potential, we contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions while creating economic value and fostering a more sustainable future.


Our CCUS solutions

Carbon Capture

Carbon transport and storage

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