Saipem provides services all throughout a project's life cycle and beyond.

Therefore, we also offer decommissioning services at the end of that cycle.

We solve problems and manage emergencies during decommissioning and our natural flexibility gives added value to each individual project

We use local personnel and optimise processes by putting our experience of integrated engineering to good use to achieve excellent results at all stages in a project. Since 1995, we have completed over 30 major decommissioning projects in various countries in the world. These include Angola, Brazil, Congo, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Qatar, Russia, Scotland, Suriname and Turkey. A specific example is the BP Miller project in Scotland, where we reduced the platform's environmental impact to a minimum by recycling 97% of its structure.

We are able to achieve such successful results thanks not only to our partnerships, but also to our specific skills, especially our expertise in logistics, which enables us to successfully complete projects of any size in a wide variety of contexts.

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