Future energy scenarios and climate challenges will see the need for a rapid increase in the production of low carbon emission hydrogen.

Saipem’s contribution is to use innovative, green, blue and hybrid technologies that make the most of its expertise acquired by implementing well-tested solutions for hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, gasification and gas conversion into liquid fuels for over 60 years as a technology supplier and an EPC Contractor with a consolidated track record among the most well-known licensors in the sector.

Saipem can implement blue hydrogen solutions, based on the conversion of natural gas with up to 99% capture of CO2 by using the best technologies already tested on large capacity plants.

We aim to protect the environment and reduce costs: this is why we focus constantly on perfecting and modernising production processes in order to offer our clients new, increasingly efficient solutions that pay special attention to achieving zero emissions and zero pollution.

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Our low carbon solutions

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

Our benchmarks in the CO2 management chain.

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We give a second life to the refineries.

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An essential product to reduce carbon emissions.

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Plastics Recycling

Innovation and proven petrochemical technologies for the advanced recycling of plastic waste.

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Low carbon fuels

Our strategy for the energy transition.

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