Saipem believes in people's value, backgrounds, their leadership styles and conduct, because each individual has the potential to generate value for our company.

We work every day to create a work environment, in which people feel they are involved in the Group's future, by valuing diversity and encouraging an inclusive culture in a business with a very strong international focus.

Our success is always collective and therefore we invest in creating beneficial, transparent work environments, in which people and teams from different countries, genders and departments can collaborate and work together.

We enhance female empowerment through a pool of Saipem Role Models, capable of inspiring, motivating and guiding young students at schools and universities in their study and career choices, with particular attention to the development paths of STEM disciplines.

In November 2022, Saipem has issued the Group Policy on Diversity, Equality & Inclusion with the aim of formalizing the authentic and concrete commitment to promote and support a culture based on valuing diversity as a source of mutual enrichment, free from any form of discrimination as well as from cultural, organizational and material obstacles. The Policy also aims to disseminate the principles of inclusion and equity, promoting a collaborative work environment, developing corporate programs and processes focused on promoting equal opportunities.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

pdf - 02-2023

Our culture, One Identity

Our company has consolidated its business in over 60 years of history by working with project task forces and enhancing its internal know-how.

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