We imagine the future map for ourselves and for our stakeholders to consist of four main areas of development and innovation: renewable energy, the hydrogen and CO2 value chain and circular economy.

Saipem offers unique solutions for renewable energy and provides the best technologies on the market for green, blue and hybrid products in the hydrogen value chain, such as ammonia. Saipem can count on over 60 years' experience of projects on the CO2 value chain, from its capture to transportation, re-injection and reuse as urea and methanol.

Saipem's innovative technology to capture CO2 has less environmental impact compared to conventional solutions. The valorisation of plastic waste is an integral part of Saipem's circular model for sustainable change.

Our engineering and construction expertise enables us to master the entire range of energy carriers, commencing with renewables and on to hydrogen, fertilisers and e-fuels, by implementing the relevant technologies and integrating them in new plants and by improving existing plants.

Saipem's initiatives and projects

Initiatives and projects aimed at decarbonisation, the circular economy and energy efficiency are concerned mainly with:

  • developing and constructing infrastructures to produce energy from renewable sources, e.g. traditional, photovoltaic installations and floating foundations that can be used in water basins and out at sea, and offshore wind farms (on fixed and/or floating foundations)

  • developing projects for the circular economy, analysing investment procedures with the help of specific technologies (e.g. technologies that enhance solid urban and industrial waste, plastic disposal);

  • models of intervention to promote, develop and build infrastructures to supply, transform and use liquefied natural gas (LNG) in maritime transport.

Our 4 strategic pillars

To reduce first and foremost

To promote innovation in the industry and focus on an immediate, massive distribution of available technologies.

To be responsible

Committed to guarantee monitoring and transparent reporting of the progress made and to proactively listen to the parties involved.

To support the change

A change in mentality in our processes and conduct to inspire and activate the value chain in the search for sustainable solutions.

Focus on local development

An equitable, inclusive path aiming to provide energy security for the community and support programmes to re-establish ecosystems.

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Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage

Our strong points in the CO₂ management chain.

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Sustainable solutions to produce low emission energy carriers.

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An essential product to reduce carbon emissions.

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We give a second life to the refineries.

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Plastics Recycling

Innovation and proven petrochemical technologies for the advanced recycling of plastic waste.

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Low carbon fuels

Our strategy for the energy transition.

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