Working for Saipem means belonging to one of the world leaders in the Energy sector.

Our business takes nothing for granted: we fulfil extraordinary projects in complex environments. Pick up the gauntlet!

We have mapped out all the career opportunities in professional areas, in which we have established levels of competency and know-how to develop technical and managerial skills:

  • Engineering

  • Construction

  • Fabrication

  • Commissioning

  • Procurement

  • Project Management

  • ICT/Financial

  • Cost control

  • Internal Audit

  • Staff

  • Legal


Students, new graduates and university academics

We offer numerous opportunities for young people straight out of university, who are taking their first steps in the world of work. We carefully follow their integration processes from the moment they enter the company and we encourage them to develop with our empowerment and tutoring schemes. You too have something to offer us and you can boost innovation and invent the future of the Energy sector! 

We offer posts in our business lines and staff departments via a selection process that features consistent recruitment methods and tools for all areas in Italy and abroad.

Saipem participates in numerous events organised by universities, high schools or other promoters. We look forward to meeting you!

Date University/High school/Promoter Initiative
21-22/02/2024 Bocconi Mock Interviews - Industry and Services On Campus 
13/03/2024 Politecnico di Milano Energy&Sustainability Career Week: Career Talk on Technical Projects
22/03/2024 Università degli Studi di Pavia Presentation event for the Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering
10/04/2024 Università Politecnica delle Marche  Job Service UNIVPM
16/04/2024 Università Politecnica delle Marche  Professions in the Construction Industry
18-19/04/024 Bocconi Mock Interviews - Industry and Services On Campus 
09/05/2024 Politecnico di Milano Career Day 2024
10/05/2024 ISII Marconi Jobs@ISII: Career Day 
16/05/2024 Università degli studi di Urbino Carlo Bo Career Day 2024
22/05/2024 Politecnico di Milano Roundtable with companies on Energy Management projects 
21/07/2024 - 27/07/2024 ELIS "Programma Sinergia" - Summer Camp
September 2024 Workshop HR - Saipem Open Day 2024
December 2024 Politecnico di Milano "Sustainable Process Design for Natural Gas and Energy Carriers" - Closing lecture


Are you an engineer?

Saipem can offer you excellent career opportunities, in which you may be able to take part in some extraordinary projects worldwide.  Here are a few of the areas and roles just for you.

  • Mechanical and Machine Technologies Engineer 

  • Onshore & Offshore Construction Engineer 

  • Materials Engineer 

  • Drilling Equipment Engineer 

  • Piping and Layout Engineer 

  • Commissioning and operation Engineer 

  • Electrical/electric and automation engineer 


  • Instrumentation Engineer 

  • Asset Technology Engineer 

  • Chemical Engineers 

  • HSE Engineer 

  • Quality System Engineer 

  • Safety Engineer 

  • Civil Engineer 

  • Offshore Structural Engineer 

  • Installation Methods Engineer 


  • Naval Engineer 

  • Naval Architect 


Do you have a degree in other subject?

Saipem has a place for young people in its Finance, Tax, Accounting, Human Resources and Legal departments. Join a company that focuses on innovation and change.

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  • Financial Analyst 

  • Tax Advisor 

  • Accounting 

  • Administration and Financial Reporting 

  • Internal Control over Financial Reporting 

  • Internal Auditor 

  • Organizational Analyst 

  • HR Generalist 

  • Labour Law and Litigation Specialist 

  • Management Planning and Control 


The international environment, the technically complex projects and the strong relationships established with the various work groups will enable you to enhance your problem solving skills without ever neglecting your own individual, personal needs. How could I not become completely absorbed in the many facets of Saipem's fascinating world?

Qualified and currently qualifying

Saipem offers interesting training and development courses. 

In 2011, we launched our "Sinergia" programme with a course on alternate skills and career guidance, involving a few schools in various Italian regions in order to create a practical, long-term collaboration with the schools and encourage innovative teaching in the Italian training system. Our programmes encourage student training initiatives, which aim to integrate knowledge with practical work experience, by correctly coordinating study courses with local community requirements. The aim is not only to establish relations between schools and business, but also to encourage future, qualified students to join the company with periods of internship, help guide their professional path and encourage the circulation of business culture among students.


Our selection process

Do you want to join our team? We'll explain Saipem's selection process and the steps to take to become one of our people.

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Job vacancies

We are looking for young school leavers, graduates and professionals and offer career opportunities throughout the world and stimulating development courses. 

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Unsolicited application

Didn't find what you were looking for? Send us your CV: our HR team is ready to assess your application. 

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Alert icon Fraudulent job offers

It has come to our attention that some individuals/entities are offering on behalf of Saipem false job opportunities asking for money, personal data or financial details from the applicants. Please, note that Saipem and its Affiliates recruit their human resources through specific procedures, selecting and hiring candidates adopting criteria of merit, ability and professionalism in all decisions concerning the recruitment of personnel and will never ask for money. If you want to search for job opportunities in Saipem, please refer to the “Careers” area of the Saipem web site or the official Saipem LinkedIn page and be careful about any other kind of unofficial requests. In the event you are asked by unauthorized individuals/entities on behalf of Saipem to disclose your personal or financial data or to pay sums, treat this request as a fraud and please contact immediately Saipem through the specific link and the competent authorities for all the necessary investigations and adequate actions.


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