The following conditions (hereinafter 'General Conditions') apply to all services (hereinafter 'Services') listed in Art. 1 provided by Saipem S.p.A., whose registered office is at Via Luigi Russolo, 5, Milano (MI) (hereinafter "Saipem S.p.A." or "Saipem"), owner of the portal bearing the URL www.saipem.com (hereinafter 'Web Site').

The following Services are currently available on the Web Site:

  1. "Saipem Share Price"

  2. "Main data" Main Saipem financial data

Saipem may extend the range of the Services at any time without prior notice and shall inform Users directly on the Web Site. These General Conditions will therefore also apply to all future Services.

Considering that the use of Services is not subject to any type of payment, the User accepts the following:

  1. Saipem S.p.A. may at any time suspend or end the provision of Services, entirely or in part;

  2. Use of Services is at the User's own risk and responsibility;

  3. Services provided as viewed on the web site are free; Saipem S.p.A. does not guarantee validity, accuracy or continuity of data;

  4. Saipem S.p.A. does not guarantee that Services will fulfil User requirements, that they shall be uninterrupted, convenient, secure or error-free;

  5. Saipem S.p.A. does not guarantee to fulfil User expectations of the Services;

  6. Services provided by Saipem do not include those related to telecommunications (including data transmission over the Internet); the acquisition of said telecommunication services is to be made autonomously by the User;

  7. Services may not be supported by certain commercially available browsers and/or operating systems or versions thereof. It is the User's responsibility to identify the correct combination of software and hardware to gain adequate access to the Services.

The User agrees that all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to know-how, source codes, software, hardware, projects, applications, patents, industrial secrets, formulae, algorithms, models, data bases, etc., related to Services, data and all other material provided or made available to the User by Saipem S.p.A. under these General Conditions, remain the exclusive property of Saipem S.p.A., and that the User has no rights beyond personal use in compliance with these General Conditions.

The User's right to use the Services is personal and may not be ceded to third parties. The User may access Services purely for personal use and not for gain, profit or any other economic purpose. The User may not use any material in intellectual works. The User may not reproduce, publish, distribute, create a data base, translate, adapt, duplicate, copy, sell, carry out framing or deep linking, resell or in any way exploit for commercial purposes, gain or profit the Services, either in whole or in part, including their use or access.

As Services are free, Saipem S.p.A. may not be held liable by the User should Services be unavailable or inaccessible. Saipem S.p.A. may not be liable for damages, indemnification or loss, direct or indirect, suffered by the User as a result of the defective or non-functioning of the electronic equipment employed by the User or third parties, including Internet Service Providers, telecom and/or computer connections not directly managed by Saipem S.p.A. or within its responsibility.

Saipem S.p.A. may not be held liable for damages resulting from:

  1. non provision of Services due to malfunctioning of communication equipment for reasons outwith the company's control, including, for instance, fire, natural disasters, power cut, unavailability of telephone lines or other network services, malfunctioning of computers and/or other electronic devices, including those that are not an integral part of the Internet, malfunctioning of programs installed on the User's PC;

  2. actions of other Users or third parties having access to the Internet.

The User undertakes to use the Services exclusively for those purposes sanctioned by current legislation, accepted practice, rules of diligence and accepts not to impinge or breach any third party rights, whether they be a User or not; the User commits to respect data protection regulations, intellectual and industrial property rights legislation, current IT and telecommunication crime legislation. The User is responsible for the content of messages and text he may submit; he accepts his sole liability and that neither Saipem S.p.A., nor any individual and/or company connected to it, representative, employee or partner can be held liable for damages or indemnification for actions carried out by the User or User authorised person. Information and/or material supplied to Saipem by any User of the www.saipem.com web site are deemed to be non-confidential.

Saipem shall have no obligation with respect to said information or material, and reserves the right to use it as it deems appropriate.


Despite all efforts made by Saipem, data provided on this web site may not be complete at all times, accurate, or up-to-date. Saipem S.p.A. does not undertake any obligation nor accept liability arising from inaccuracies or omissions on its website, other than fraudulent misrepresentation. Decisions taken on the basis of information contained on this web site are the sole responsibility of the individual. No information contained on this web site constitutes or can be deemed to constitute an invitation or inducement to invest or otherwise deal in Saipem S.p.A.'s securities.

Saipem S.p.A. is subject to periodic reporting obligation under Italian Law. Saipem S.p.A. recommends that any decisions on investments in Saipem S.p.A.'s securities be taken subsequent to a review of documents filed with or provided to the relevant regulatory authorities. Neither Saipem S.p.A. nor any of its subsidiaries can be held liable for contents of any other website, including those that have links to their websites. Saipem S.p.A does not accept liability in connection with such sites or links. Saipem's website, and documents featured on it, contain forward-looking statements pertaining to future events and results that are based on current expectations, estimates, forecasts, and projections for the industry in which Saipem operates and the beliefs and assumptions of Saipem's management.

In particular, statements associated with management objectives, income expectations, margins, costs, return on equity, risk management and competition are forward-looking in nature. Terms such as "expects', "anticipates", "targets", "projects", "intends", "plans", "believes", "seeks", "estimates", and similar words and expressions are intended as forward-looking statements.

These are only predictions and are subject to risks, uncertainties, and assumptions that are difficult to predict as they relate to future events and circumstances. Saipem's actual results may therefore differ materially from those expressed or implied in forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements made by or on behalf of Saipem refer only to the time at which they are made. Saipem is not obliged to update forward-looking statements to reflect changes in its expectations resulting from changes in events, conditions or circumstances on which any such statement is based.