Our presence in the area

Saipem plays an active role in more than 70 countries where it operates, mainly in terms of local employment, developing local business activities and skills, and always contributing to the creation of value and the social, economic and environmental life of each area in line with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

The role that Saipem plays locally is closely linked to the type of presence in the territory: in places where Saipem has a long-term presence, for example with manufacturing yards, Saipem carries out a direct engagement activity with local stakeholders aimed at building a long-term dialogue with communities and territories.

But also, short-to-medium-term project activities require that our value creation approach adapts specifically to the different operational contexts to support customer requirements.

The value generated locally translates into new jobs, stimulating demand for local services and goods, construction and the improvement of infrastructure, but also into our contribution to the education system and development of professional skills, and the enhancement of people's rights.


Quantifying our local impacts


Because it is essential to measure the value generated locally based on quantifying externalities, we have developed the SELCE (Saipem Externalities Local Content Evaluation) model.



The SELCE model is the tool we designed to quantify our impact on a certain area or country where we operate or on projects we have completed. It helps us to develop durable and sustainable relationships with all local stakeholders, reduce costs and risks associated with projects, improve the perception of the company, create the conditions for a climate of mutual trust, and overall, guarantee our actions are effective and sustainable in any given area.  

The SELCE model also allows us to measure the overall economic impact we have generated through payments to local suppliers and employees, taxes paid, the number of jobs created in a specific area and the increase in the lifetime earning potential thanks to our training programmes. 


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Average economic multiplier
Average employment multiplier
Average human capital development multiplier


On a global scale, the REVALUE measurement model allows us to evaluate the overall worldwide impact of the Group's activities by calculating the value created starting from the relations between inputs of the business activities, the corresponding outputs and their long-term results.

To date, the overall net value of our impacts amounts to 1.146 billion Euro globally.

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Initiatives for local communities

We play an active role in local communities in many different ways but with the single goal of creating long-term value.

Local community initiatives are mainly concentrated in areas such as economic development, education, environment and health.

Saipem's commitment to local communities in 2022

invested in community initiatives
community initiatives implemented
countries involved

The map highlights some of the areas of the world in which we work and an overview of the initiatives implemented locally in 2022.

Below is a brief description of some of them, representative of our commitment to the creation of value at the local level in the various related action areas to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).




Archimedes project:
The project supports 50 talented youths from a poor community in Rio de Janeiro to develop their capabilities and increase their chances to find much better-quality employment. 



Mobile Vaccination Programme in Ambriz
In Ambriz, we implemented a mobile vaccination programme to enhance immunization coverage in the
communities where health services and/or vaccination programmes are not available. We vaccinated: 1,540 children, 981 pregnant women, 125 women of childbearing age.




Love for Healthy Nutrition 
With the goal to raise awareness on healthy eating among employees and their families, we conducted two face-to-face workshops in Talara City where 54 participants were informed about correct dietary practices and learnt how to select healthy foods and prevent chronic diseases.



“Talentissimo” Programme University Partnership
The “Talentissimo” Programme connects Saipem with local universities, enhancing the skills of local students in the mechanical and electrical fields, making young graduates more employable and facilitating their future recruitment. 17 students from two universities attended the Internship programme for 6 months.



Environmental Training for Local Universities
Environmental education allows future generations to engage in problem solving and take action to improve the environment. We presented our Environmental Awareness Training programme to more than 100 students and management staff of the French-Azerbaijani University.


Saudi Arabia

Three plantations along Al Asial Road
The initiative includes planting trees and installing irrigation systems to mitigate desertification and environmental degradation and raise environmental awareness. Tree plantations will help reduce GHG emissions by 10%, while promoting agriculture, afforestation, and reforestation across various regions of Saudi Arabia.

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