We help develop cultivable areas throughout the world.

Thanks to our patented technology (Snamprogetti™ Urea Technology), since many years we are one of the main players in global production of Urea, the most important fertiliser used in agriculture; we have always been frontrunner of the largest worldwide plant capacity.

The main advantages of our technology are the safe, reliable, and flexible operability, and a compact layout which minimizes the investment and allows a high degree of modularization.

Protecting the environment and reducing costs are the reasons that drive our continuous improvement of the technology. We offer to our customers new and efficient solutions to achieve zero-carbon emissions while maintaining competitive production costs. In this scenario, the proprietary Snamprogetti™ SuperCups have promptly become the state of the art to increase plant efficiency and capacity and simultaneously to reduce the environmental footprint. So far, SuperCups have been used successfully in more than 30 plants in retrofit and greenfield projects that have reduced CO2 emissions to the equivalent of over 25,000 cars per year.

The success story of Snamprogetti™ Urea Technology includes over 140 licensed units all over the world, with a wide capacity spectrum designed to fulfil our customers’ requirements, and more than 60 units revamped to enhance production, increase efficiency, or modernize old units.

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This success story includes over 140 certified units all over the world, with a wide capacity spectrum designed to fulfill the clients' requirements.

Snamprogetti Urea Saipem
Snamprogetti Urea Saipem
SnamprogettiTM Urea technology

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