All our operations concentrate on contributing to the energy transition and on our commitment along the path towards a sustainable future, especially focused on the Offshore Wind market.

We offer our services as co-developers and partners throughout a project's entire life cycle: from the initial assessment and engagement phase to completion.

Moreover, we are committed to providing innovative, technological solutions while we continue to renovate our assets in compliance with the new criteria required by the market.

Fécamp Offshore Wind Foundations is one of our successes. Off the Normandy coast of Fécamp in north-west France stands a 500 MW Offshore Wind under development.

The 71 wind turbines have been placed off the coast of Fécamp.

The 30 m deep site will produce the equivalent of the domestic energy consumption of approximately 770,000 people and is crossed by strong, regular winds. The project partners are EDF Renewables and Enbridge, which hold 35% each through Éolien Maritime France, whereas wpd offshore holds the remaining 30%.

In collaboration with Bouygues Travaux Publics and Boskalis, we have completed the engineering, procurement, construction and installation at sea of the 71 gravity-based structures (GBS).

Each 48 to 54 metres tall, the GBS weighs up to 5,000 tons and is required to stabilise the 7 MW wind turbines

The joint venture of the BS consortium with Boskalis has the task of designing the gravity-based foundations on the seabed, preparing the rocky seabed foundations before the GBS are installed and then protecting them and the ballast.

The achievement of this major goal to develop the Offshore Wind in Fécamp is proof of the prospects of growth for the Offshore Wind market by using a renewed, commercial and executive strategy of EPCI contract arrangements for fixed and floating installations.

As regards the technologies for a zero carbon emission future, we provide not only integrated energy solutions, but also proprietary technology for Floating Wind.

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