We are dedicated to the construction of non-fossil refineries, and our latest services are designed to transform existing refineries into viable and sustainable enterprises that generate by-products from non-fossil fuels. Saipem also offers innovative solutions for Green Refineries, employing an integrated approach towards decarbonization and circular economy practices.

One noteworthy achievement is our participation in the world's first conversion of a traditional refinery's entire processing cycle into a biorefinery, exemplified by the Eni Porto Marghera Refinery in 2014. This groundbreaking initiative underscores our commitment to pioneering environmentally friendly and economically sound alternatives in the energy sector.

Moreover, our commitment to sustainability of our business is reflected in the agreement signed on november 2023 with Eni.

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

Our strong points in the CO₂ management chain.

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Sustainable solutions to produce low emission energy carriers.

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An essential product to reduce carbon emissions.

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Plastics Recycling

Innovation and proven petrochemical technologies for the advanced recycling of plastic waste.

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Low carbon fuels

Our strategy for the energy transition.

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