We provide pre-engineered solutions to transform as yet non-recycled plastic waste into petrochemical intermediates, to be used to produce new plastic and to drastically reduce the use of fossil sources and waste incineration, with all the resulting benefits in terms of climate changing gas emissions.

We have a proven track record in the application of petrochemical technologies, coupled with experience in the development and implementation of innovative technologies applied to the emerging market of advanced plastic waste recycling.

Our solutions are based on industrial approaches that are as standardised as possible, with predefined capacities and configurations that can be easily adapted to specific projects. The transformation processes of plastic waste into new products are based on proprietary technologies and collaboration agreements developed with major players in the related sectors, and are mainly focused on:

  • The conversion of currently non-recyclable, mixed plastics into synthetic hydrocarbons to be returned to the production cycle of new plastics;

  • The depolymerisation of specific, currently non-recyclable polymers using the processing waste from current recycling processes to produce new, monomers, identical to those from fossil sources.
  • ​​​​​​​The production of synthesis gas and chemical intermediates (hydrogen, methanol, ammonia) from a gasification of mixed, plastic-based waste.

We are developing various projects in Europe and the world, such as an innovative depolymerisation plant and one of the first thermolysis plants in the Middle East. Our approach in the plastic recycling market is not restricted to providing solutions. We are also directly involved as project promoters by creating partnerships with all the players in the supply chain, from waste suppliers to product users.

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