Transporting CO2 via pipelines

Saipem is at the forefront of pipeline projects for CO2 transport, both onshore and offshore. We have successfully contributed to noteworthy storage projects, successfully installing more than 130,000 km worldwide in the O&G sectors. Our expertise in pipeline engineering and construction enables the seamless transportation of CO2 from multiple industrial sources to injection sites, ensuring efficient and reliable delivery for both gas and dense phases.

CO2 shipping and terminals

Through our subsidiary, Moss Maritime, Saipem excels in CO2 shipping and terminal solutions. We have designed state-of-the-art Liquid CO2 (LCO2) ships, specifically tailored for the safe and cost-effective transport of CO2. Our maritime terminals offer efficient liquefaction and regasification processes, ensuring the smooth handling of CO2. Whether floating or onshore terminals, Saipem delivers innovative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions.


Our CCUS solutions

Carbon Capture

Carbon Reuse

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