We work for a sustainable future

Technological and digital innovation at the service of economic, environmental and climate success underpins all Saipem business areas. 

In fact, technological and digital innovation provides key leverage to increasing competitiveness, while at same time, projecting faster towards a new low-carbon energies future



Saipem provides customers in the energy sector with innovative tools to resolve the complex challenges of decarbonisation and the energy transition, ranging from CO2 management with our proprietary CO2 Solutions technology to consolidation in the offshore floating wind sector, from developing projects in the hydrogen sector to plastics recycling projects.

With all this supported by 21 cooperation/licensing agreements signed in 2022, of which 14 were specific to energy decarbonisation.


These figures show Saipem's commitment to innovation in 2023

Registrered patents as at 31 december 2023
New patent applications submitted in 2023
+32 mln €
R&D investments in 2023

Digital Transformation

In addition to the obvious competitive advantages in shortening lead times and reducing distances, digitalisation provides important strategic leverage to converting energy efficiency efforts into practical results, thus helping to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. 

Digital technologies can transform what we do today and the way energy industry will work in the future, increasing productivity, lowering costs and expanding our offerings to clients, in addition to minimising our personnel’s exposure to hazardous conditions. 

In 2021, we focused on the EPC Integration Model, aimed at improving the efficiency of core processes by digitizing the entire project life cycle, from the feed to the engineering, procurement and construction cycles. We also continued to focus on the development and industrialization of technological components to support the digital transformation of our assets.



The security of our people and the company’s tangible and intangible assets are a top priority at Saipem.

We adopt an integrated approach to the daily management of physical and digital security risks, as we view security as an enabling factor that positively affects the economic and social value of Saipem.

We are committed to building and developing an integrated security model that is fully embedded in company processes and in line with our values and national and international legislation in order to:

  1. ensure a safe, secure workplace and protect employees, contract workers and third parties;

  2. protect all company information and know-how whose confidentiality, integrity and availability are critical for ensuring Saipem’s competitive advantage;

  3. protect the integrity and reputation of management and stakeholders. Saipem’s cyber security model is designed to secure company IT/OT systems, networks and data management, as well as external communications with third parties such as clients, suppliers and authorities.

To achieve these objectives, we have implemented an Information Security Management System compliant with ISO/IEC 27001. The adequacy of our cybersecurity is also continuously monitored by BitSight, an independent rating company that provides an impartial assessment of any potential weaknesses.


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