Digital transformation at Saipem

Digital transformation is a strategic lever for Saipem, which can transform the efforts to achieve energy efficiency into practical reality. 

In fact, in addition to the obvious competitive advantages (shorter delivery times and reduced distances), the digitalisation process can act as an energy efficiency facilitator for work processes by significantly helping to reduce CO2 emissions.  

Digital fast track technologies can transform what we do today and the way in which our sector will work in the future, not only by increasing productivity, reducing costs and expanding our offers to clients, but also by reducing exposure of our personnel to hazardous conditions.

EPC (Engineering, procurement and construction)

We are focused on the EPC Integration initiative, which aims to achieve the transversal integration of EPC processes in areas, such as:

  • engineering and procurement integration and standardisation;  

  • inspection and expediting remotisation; 

  • the creation of a dedicated portal to interact with our clients. 

EPC (Engineering, procurement and construction)


We are constantly engaged in developing and industrialising technological components to support the digital transformation of our assets.

To enable unmanned, subsea operations using advanced, subsea robotics, which automatically carry out complex inspection tasks, is a stimulating, technological frontier.

We want to play an active role in this profoundly technological transformation with some of the most stunning, subsea, robotic instruments in the offshore market.

Our industrialisation programmes for our subsea, automated platform, Hydrone, are continuing with Hydrone-R, Hydrone-W and FlatFish.

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