Saipem, in the person of its CEO Stefano Cao, has signed two important protocols, the declaration of support for the Women Empowerment Principles (WEP) and the Manifesto for female employment of the Valore D association. The company is actively engaged in the promotion of an inclusive culture that aims at the enhancement of its resources for their holding of skills critical for the business. The development and supervision of professional skills have always been distinctive and characterizing elements of Saipem, which is committed to building a reality in which the different features and personal and cultural orientations are considered a resource and a source of mutual enrichment.


The Women Empowerment Principles, established by UN Global Compact and UN Women, represent the guiding principles for businesses to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women in the workplace, on the market and in the community. The Manifesto for Women's Employment is the nine-point programmatic document that summarizes the principles, concrete actions and indicators useful for seeking gender equality and enhancing the role of women in companies.

At Saipem, women represent 10% of the workforce. The percentage of those who hold a managerial position with respect to the total is 19%.

In line with the current legislation in force on gender equality and access to corporate offices and with the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code on the subject, the composition of the Saipem Board includes four members of the less represented gender.

Precise guidelines and verified annually regulate the remuneration policies aimed at reducing the pay gap between men and women, in all the situations in which it operates. Specifically, Saipem's constant commitment to affirm the “equal pay for equal work” principle in all operating entities is highlighted. Saipem protects the work and family balance of its staff through company regulations and / or local policies that guarantee parental leave, for both women and men. These leaves differ only in terms of times and methods of abstention from work.

Stefano Cao, CEO of Saipem, commented: "The signing of the Women Empowerment Principles and the Manifesto fof Valore D confirms Saipem's continuous commitment to reducing gender gap in particular, and diversity in general. Saipem, a multicultural company whose employees belong to over 120 different nationalities, has always paid great attention to cultural and religious values, labor rights, human rights, with special consideration to those relating to privacy and respect for all kinds of diversity, promoting inclusion. Saipem values ​​its people, who are the key to its success and a cornerstone of its identity, and carefully promotes an adequate balance between work and private life".