Saipem: Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (Gruppo FS Italiane) and Cepav due Consortium start the realization of the second construction lot for the Brescia Est — Verona High-Speed/High-Capacity railroad section, worth approximately €514 million. Saipem’s share amounts to approximately €304 million

San Donato Milanese (MI), April 20, 2020 - The Cepav due Consortium, in which Saipem S.p.A. holds a 59.09% stake and operational leadership, has received formal communication from Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (Gruppo FS Italiane) which notifies the assignment and availability of a further tranche of financial resources for the development of the second construction lot of the Brescia Est Verona High-Speed/High-Capacity railroad section, for a total value of approximately €514 million, of which Saipems share is approximately €304 million. 

In particular, the second construction lot entails the completion of the civil infrastructures for the Brescia Est - Verona railway section by the Cepav due Consortium, along with the construction of the railway superstructure, the electricity transmission system and technological equipment for the entire section.

As communicated on 6 June 2018, when the first construction lot was assigned, the contract between Cepav due and Rete Ferroviaria Italiana entails the construction of a railway route around 48 km long (including the 2.2 km Verona Freight" interconnection) linked to the Verona - Brennero corridor.

As part of the Milan - Verona railway line, Saipem, through the aforementioned Cepav due Consortium, was also involved in the construction of the 39-km section of the Treviglio - Brescia section and an additional 11.7 km of interconnection with conventional lines.

Maurizio Coratella, COO of the Onshore E&C Division, said: The award of the works for the second construction lot of the Brescia Est Verona HS/HC section to the Cepav due Consortium further consolidates Saipems experience in the railway infrastructure sector, in which claims  the participation in the construction of the Bologna-Milan and Treviglio-Brescia HS/HC lines as well as other international projects. This expertise legitimately entitles Saipem to actively contribute to the domestic and European infrastructure development plans that could be deemed necessary post Covid-19 emergency”.

Maurizio Gentile, CEO and General Manager of RFI commented: "Rete Ferroviaria Italiana never stopped and didn’t do so even under the Covid-19 emergency. The assignment of the works of the railway line connecting the urban areas of Brescia and Verona, which are integral part of the TEN-T Mediterranean Core Corridor, represents a tangible contribution to the reopening of construction sites and once again demonstrates the strong commitment of the main contracting station in Italy. This infrastructure will support the promotion of sustainable mobility in the Country, allowing also to increase the capacity and regularity of rail transportation, lower travel times and increase trains frequency".

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