Press Note: Saipem to participate in World Day for Safety and Health at Work

San Donato Milanese (Milan, Italy), 28 April 2015 – The health and safety of workers, local communities and partners has always been Saipem's top priority when carrying out its activities. 

This is why Saipem and the Fondazione LHS (Leadership in Health and Safety), created by Saipem to spread a health and safety culture, will mark World Day for Safety and Health at Work,  promoted by the International Labour Organization (ILO), by organising a number of awarenessraising events. 

The initiative, titled "Italia loves sicurezza" (Italy loves safety), is part of an international campaign to raise public awareness about emerging trends in the field of health and safety at work, with the ultimate goal of furthering the prevention of occupational injury and illness on a global level. 

"Italia loves sicurezza" will tour three Italian cities:  
Turin - 27 April 
Milan - 28 April 
Piacenza - 29 April 

Each date will feature three free-of-charge events held at three different times of the day, addressing three different target audiences. 

In the morning, there will be an educational workshop on safety for primary school pupils, teaching more than 380 children to become little leaders in safety in daily situations, at home, at school and on roads. 

The afternoon will see the "Leadership in Health & Safety" seminar, which will be adapted to each city and provide practical tools for developing personal skills and disseminating safety leadership in companies. In Milan, the event is part of the "Sustainability and Social Responsibility as Excellence in Health, Safety and the Environment" conference organised by the Politecnico University of Milan, sponsored by the Municipality of Milan and the Lombardy Region, and with the participation of major industrial organisations, including Saipem, whose HSE Director Andrea Forzan will deliver a speech.  

In the evening, there will be a performance of the play "Giorni Rubati" (Stolen Days), a moving and courageous true story presented by the Rossolevante theatre company, recounting a terrible accident which damaged the spine of a young construction yard worker, leaving him permanently paralysed from the waist down. It’s the story about a person who had to re-learn everything in his life, a personal battle which is transformed into a common struggle, shared by all. 

Admission to the performance is free and open to everyone on a first-come, first-served basis. In Milan, the show will begin at 9 pm on 28 April in the Sala Fassbinder of the Elfo Puccini theatre, while in Piacenza it will start on 29 April at 9 pm in the Sala dei Teatini.


The LiHS Foundation is an NGO established by Saipem in 2010 with the aim of raising awareness and proposing practical intervention strategies for supporting cultural change in terms of health and safety in the workplace. Its objective is to extend these principles to Italian industry as a whole, as well as to society in general, both in Italy and worldwide.  

The Foundation is also involved in promoting scientific research, aiming to ensure that the knowledge and benefits it generates belong to and are made available to all. A central principle of the Foundation’s work is the education of young children and adolescents, in the belief that to achieve profound cultural change, it is necessary to look to the future and to invest in training young people’s minds. 

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Press Note: Saipem to participate in World Day for Safety and Health at Work

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