Press note - Saipem: staging theatre production to raise awareness of safety in the workplace among employees and general public

San Donato Milanese (Milan), 23 April 2014 – Saipem and the LiHS Foundation will be marking the World Day for Safety and Health at Work by staging a production of “GIORNI RUBATI”, a play tackling the issue of accidents in the workplace.  

The play is due to begin at 2pm at the Cinema Teatro “Massimo Troisi” in Piazza Dalla Chiesa in San Donato Milanese on Monday 28 April. Admission is free. 

Through the initiative, timed to coincide with the World Day for Safety and Health at Work promoted by the International Labour Organization, Saipem and the LiHS Foundation are seeking to mobilize public opinion and to promote awareness of accidents in the workplace and occupational illnesses. 

The play, based on real events, recounts the story of the terrible accident that befell a young construction yard worker, Giammarco M., who one evening in November 2006 – at the age of just 37 – was crushed by a heavy steel gate that fell on top of him. His spine was damaged as a result and he was left in a wheelchair and forced to relearn how to perform even basic tasks. Ultimately, Giammarco’s story demonstrates how a personal struggle became a collective struggle. 

The aim of the play is to provoke discussion of these tragedies that strike the industrial world and thus to contribute to the creation of a culture of respect for life both in and outside the workplace. 

The LiHS Foundation, founded by and supported by Saipem, carries out studies and research into social issues and also undertakes educational projects with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of health and safety. 


The LiHS Foundation is an NGO established by Saipem in 2010 with the aim of raising awareness and proposing practical intervention strategies for supporting cultural change in terms of health and safety in the workplace. Its objective is to extend these principles to Italian industry as a whole, as well as to society in general, both in Italy and worldwide. 

The Foundation is also involved in promoting scientific research, aiming to ensure that the knowledge and benefits it generates belong to and are made available to all. A central principle of the Foundation’s work is the education of young children and adolescents, in the belief that to achieve profound cultural change, it is necessary to look to the future and to invest in training young people’s minds. 

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Press note - Saipem: staging theatre production to raise awareness of safety in the workplace among employees and general public

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