Milan (Italy), [January 19, 2023] – Saipem has participated as a technology partner in Snam and Baker Hughes’ operational tests at the Snam natural gas compression plant in Istrana, Italy. The tests were aimed at experimenting with the use of hydrogen as a fuel to power the gas turbines of the above-mentioned plant. The aim of the experiment, the first of its kind, was to assess the compatibility of the plant's various assets with the use of a blend of hydrogen and natural gas. The other technology partners are Max Streicher and Siad, which supplied the hydrogen.


Specifically, Saipem managed the design of the integration between the assets of the plant and the systems and temporary treatment package required for the test, as well as the technical, management and safety coordination of all the companies involved during the preparation and execution of the tests. Furthermore, Saipem handled the certification of the safety documentation according to the compliance criteria of the Italian standards currently in force and applicable to similar situations.

Saipem and Snam have long been collaborating on various initiatives to assess the compatibility of natural gas transportation systems with hydrogen blends. Saipem is also conducting similar assessments for other clients and is involved in the design of plants for the production and injection of hydrogen into networks, such as the Puglia Hydrogen Valley.

Saipem is an advanced technological and engineering platform for the design, construction and operation of safe and sustainable complex infrastructure and plants. Saipem has always been oriented towards technological innovation and is currently committed, alongside its clients, on the frontline of energy transition with increasingly digitalised tools, technologies and processes that were devised from the outset with environmental sustainability in mind. It is listed on the Milan stock exchange and operates in 70 countries around the world with 32 thousand employees from 130 different nationalities.


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