Saipem and WSense, an Italian start-up in the field of innovation, have signed a cooperation agreement for developing complex communication networks for subsea drones.


These so-called multi-purpose intelligent nodes will be designed and qualified by Saipem and WSense to be interfaced to underwater drones engineered and operated by Sonsub, Saipem's centre of excellence for submarine technology innovation. These nodes will represent a game changer for the wireless interconnection of underwater equipment and sensors as well as the integration of diversified systems and technologies, with applications spanning over different industries, including offshore energy, infrastructures and defence.

Thanks to stations installed underwater, Saipem's resident subsea drones and ROVwill be able to perform autonomously a series of complex operations requiring the exchange of data for positioning and supervising subsea infrastructures, thus creating an enhanced Underwater Internet of Things (IoT). Everything shall be implemented with an environmental friendly approach , contributing to decarbonisation.

For Saipem, the agreement represents the strengthening of its Hydrone underwater drone programme and a further expansion of our offer, while for WSense it is the occasion to demonstrate the safety and reliability of its expertise in wireless communication networks.