San Donato Milanese (Italy), September 24, 2021 – Saipem presented its most innovative technologies on gas and low carbon during Gastech 2021, the most important international event in the world in the gas sector,which took place in Dubai from 21 to 23 September. The event brought together leaders and experts in the energy sector to talk about topics such as LNG, hydrogen and new technologies.


The innovative technologies that Saipem has brought to Gastech concern the production, transport and treatment of gas. The main focus was the orientation towards carbon neutrality and solutions for the enhancement of gas and clean energy sources to provide sustainable solutions with low carbon dioxide emissions.
In particular, the latest implementations relating to the Liqueflex™ proprietary technology aimed at the small and medium-scale natural gas liquefaction market were presented. The implementations consist of a natural gas liquefaction process applied to LNG production plants that enables a reduction of costs and construction times to significantly reduce investments in maritime infrastructures dedicated to accommodating large ships for the transport of LNG, as well as the environmental impact associated with maritime and road transport, favoring alternatives to traditional liquid fuels.

Saipem also presented the latest High Efficiency Regasification Solutions, i.e. high efficiency solutions for regasification, a sector in which there is a partial waste of resources and efficiency with still high levels of carbon footprint due to the processes of energy-intensive LNG entire value chain due to the properties of natural gas. The solutions proposed by the Company in this area are focused on the efficient use of energy and the recovery of cold energy. The use of scoring models is also important to guide customer choices through the portfolio of Saipem proprietary technologies based on to the needs.

It was also an opportunity for the Company to represent its long-standing know-how in the execution of conventional hydrogen projects, now optimized in the ongoing design of blue hydrogen projects. Among the main technologies relating to the hydrogen sector, Saipem illustrated the SUISO concept which was developed by the Company and was recently presented to the market to convert existing plants into green hydrogen through the use of renewable sources.

Saipem also emphasized its solutions relating to the entire Carbon Capture Use and Storage (CCS) chain, which are fundamental for the decarbonization process, illustrating the identification of a technology capable of drastically reducing the recovery costs of CO2 without using chemical compounds that are used in traditional CO2 separation technologies.

Last but not least, the Company highlighted various solutions which are often easily integrated into existing structures, such as the recovered CO2 which can be used in the production of Urea, in  which Saipem is a technological leader, as well as Methane or Methanol.