Saipem will contribute to the new Trieste headquarters of Science Centre – Immaginario Scientifico, the interactive and experimental science museum set to open on 9 October, with a permanent exhibition dedicated to marine technologies for the use of offshore energy resources. The announcement was made on Saturday 26 September as part of the conference "The Sense of Recovery. The Science Centre opens in warehouse 26 of Porto Vecchio" held during the ninth edition of Trieste Next, the scientific research festival which took place in Trieste from 25 to 27 September 2020.


During the conference, the director of the Science Centre, Serena Mizzan, and the architect Andrea Benedetti, professor of Urban Restoration at the IUAV in Venice, discussed how the new museum space will be instrumental to the redevelopment of a symbolic location for the city, a redevelopment which began several years ago and to which Saipem contributed when in 2010 it chose the Free Zone of the Old Port of Trieste as the headquarters of its Base to develop, test and host its marine technologies. The opportunity to set up a space dedicated to Saipem in the new Science  Centre is a natural continuation of our previously established relationship with the local territory, a very dynamic link that has allowed the company to develop many of the technologies for which it is now renowned and acclaimed the world over.

Many of these technologies will be present in the Museum. In the space set up by Saipem, through the interactive teaching inspired by Science Centre’s hands-on philosophy, young visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with concepts such as Archimedes’ principle, artificial intelligence and underwater robotics and will be guided on a path that will allow them to understand how simple daily activities, such as cooking and heating, are possible thanks to the scientific knowledge and technologies that allow us to use resources found in such an extreme and challenging environment as the sea - from hydrocarbon fields under the seabed to offshore wind on the surface.