Saipem launches its new brand campaign “Dear Future”, which emphasizes the strategic repositioning process undertaken by the Company: Saipem is nowadays a global company, present in more than 60 countries, able to provide solutions and services with high added value and to implement innovative projects in the energy and infrastructure sectors.


Through an imaginary dialogue with the Future, the source from which it draws the evolutionary energy that has always guided and inspired it, Saipem involves the public through an open letter retracing the main stages of an extraordinary adventure that began in the 1950s and continues today, still laying the foundations to build an increasingly responsible future. A journey that has led Saipem at every corner of the planet thanks to the talent and ingenuity of her people and to an authentic and passionate mission: to imagine, design and implement innovative solutions for a constantly evolving world in which energy and mobility are accessible and sustainable.

Saipem identifies the constant and intense relationship between energy - inspired by the future - and evolution as the engine that drives society and mankind towards increasingly responsible challenges and objectives and uses the two terms to define the new brand payoff: Empower evolution.

The campaign therefore reflects Saipem's new positioning focused on the energy transition underway and supported by a strong sustainable culture and an always innovative approach. In particular, sustainability is conceived as a transversal and characteristic element of the business, not simply a trend to follow.

The campaign was created by the creative agency This Is Ideal, with the support of the division Sala Giochi for the production part and will be launched simultaneously on all Saipem's internal and external digital channels.

Elisabetta Nuti, Head of Brand Strategy and Corporate Identity at Saipem, commented: “Our new campaign is another important step dedicated to communicating our “purpose”. It is a dialogue with tomorrow, towards which Saipem has always aimed and the engine of our success. We offer innovative and customized solutions to meet the needs of our customers and therefore we must always be in step with the times, indeed further ahead: after all, adaptability to change is in our DNA and is the basis of our ability to adapt in a difficult context, like today. The new campaign shows Saipem as the protagonist of a direct and open confrontation, in which it is ready to get involved by sharing all its ingenuity, creativity and passion to anticipate a 4.0 world in which energy and mobility will be more and more accessible and sustainable”.

On the occasion of the launch of the new campaign, Saipem has decided to talk about the importance of taking up the challenge of the future and looking forward with confidence by participating to the campaign "Il Natale degli Alberi" launched by the Municipality of Milan. Saipem has therefore donated to the city of Milan a highly technological Christmas tree. Milan, in fact, will be the city that, starting from 2022, will host the new Saipem headquarters in the Santa Giulia district. The tree will be installed in Largo La Foppa from December 7 until January 6, 2021. It is a 6-meter-high installation that supports four LED bands that will display sentences related to the future. Users, through a dedicated website, will be able to send their own sentences to witness the momentum, their hopes and expectations towards tomorrow which will then be projected on the luminous panels of Saipem Christmas tree.