San Donato Milanese (MI), March 5, 2020 – On February 29, the French Navy Floréal frigate established a radio contact with the drill ship Saipem 12000 while it was engaged in a patrol service of the Mozambique Canal.


The French islands of Reunion and Mayotte are two French overseas departments, where frigates and patrol boats of the national navy station, as well as a paratrooper’s regiment, a detachment of the foreign legion and air force transport aircraft. The Navy ships are notably responsible for monitoring the French exclusive economic zone around the islands of the Mozambique Canal, but also for fighting all illegal traffic at sea, in cooperation with other countries in the area, in particular Mozambique, thus contributing to the maritime security of the area.

The crew of the Saipem 12000 welcomed with pleasure and reassurance the kind greeting of the French military, returned with enthusiasm. Saipem has a consolidated relationship with France thanks also to a structured presence and solid integration with the industrial and social fabric of the country, result of past investments and of the ability to develop grounded, profitable and lasting relationships, which fully integrate Saipem in the French national economic system. Saipem has almost 1800 French employees in 10 different offices and engineering, divisional and research centers, executing complex projects and creating know-how and innovative technologies.

The Saipem 12000 is currently operating offshore Mozambique, about 210 km north-east of Pemba in the Coral South gas field located in Rovuma Area 4, under a multi-year drilling contract on behalf of Eni.