Saipem has signed with Saudi Aramco a framework agreement, Long Term Agreement (LTA), for a duration of twelve years and covering onshore engineering and construction activities. The agreement entails efficiency activities on existing facilities and is part of Saudi Aramco’s broader long-term plan to update its facilities in the country’s Eastern Province.


The programme’s goal, among others, is aimed at optimising consumption and reducing emissions of CO2 and H2S.

The framework agreement includes possible interventions on Upstream and Downstream facilities situated , amongst others, in the following areas: Wasit, Khursaniyah, Abu-Ali, Jubail, Berri, Ras Tanura, Qatif, Abqaiq, Shedgum, Uthmaniyah, Hawiyah, Haradh, Khurais, Ghawar.

Saipem and Saudi Aramco enjoy a collaboration dated several decades on both onshore and offshore facilities and infrastructure and are already engaged under an equivalent Long Term Agreement for offshore activities in Saudi Arabia, extended in 2015. In addition, Saipem is currently working with Saudi Aramco on drilling activities, with its onshore and offshore rigs.

Maurizio Coratella, COO of the E&C Onshore Division commented: “This new agreement with Saudi Aramco, among our major clients and one of the most active players in the energy sector, strengthens a longstanding relationship and confirms Saipem’s strategic positioning in the Middle East under a medium-long term perspective. It underscores the confidence and appreciation for the high quality of our services and expertise. In particular, the agreement consolidates Saipem’s leadership as a company committed to providing bespoke cutting-edge technological solutions to a strategic client”.