San Donato Milanese (MI), 20 March 2020 - Saipem has been assigned the fifth position in the ranking drawn up by the European Patent Office (EPO) relating to Italian companies with the highest number of European patent applications registered in 2019. EPO is the intergovernmental organization that since 1977 has been working for the protection of inventions and intellectual property, regulating the granting of patents at European level.


With its 37 applications presented as a group, Saipem has managed in just two years to move from the tenth to the fifth position of the EPO ranking for Italian companies, significantly improving its positioning compared to previous years.

In line with the strategy adopted to anticipate the energy transition, focusing on the gas cycle and diversifying into renewables and the decarbonisation of industry, Saipem confirms its choices by leveraging an innate inclination towards innovation and investment in technology. In 2019, total expenditure on technological innovation reached 79 million euros, in line with the forecasts of the four-year plan.

At the end of 2019 Saipem portfolio counted approximately 2700 patents and patent applications filed worldwide, also including 90 patents consolidated with the recent acquisition of CO2 Solutions, a Canadian company specialized in CO2 capture technology.

Mauro Piasere, Digital & Innovation Director in Saipem commented: "Our good positioning in the EPO ranking confirms the relentless commitment of the company, who has made technology and innovation its characteristic feature for the last 60 years. This attitude is even more fundamental today, in a scenario where accompanying our customers in the energy transition process requires always new, effective, efficient and above all digital solutions in order to compete in a challenging market".